Comfort and functionality of new BMW Active Tourer

The new hybrid car BMW Active Tourer was first presented at the exhibition in Paris. The concept of the Bavarian auto giant is to be adequate to the new trends in less harmful emissions, lower fuel consumption and extremely efficient aerodynamics of the car. The result is now available with the innovative model BMW Active Tourer. Incredible combination of compact interior design and comfort on the road for this hybrid model are the hallmarks of the BMW Active Tourer. From wherever you look, a new innovative concept BMW oozes elegance to the way in harmony with a balanced sportiness. Harmonious proportions of the car and its perfect dynamic design prove the perfection of this class of vehicles. The shape of the BMW Active Tourer is tapered oblong, with a long wheelbase and overhangs, showing a sense of space. Also been considered for the comfort of the driver and other passengers in the car, giving maximum space for the legs. Lightweight leather and wood surfaces are selected in an interesting color harmony. They focus on high standards and luxury interior design of BMW Active Tourer. Bookmark and Share

BMW Active Tourer photo gallery

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BMW exterior Active Tourer
BMW interior in Active Tourer
BMW back side in Active Tourer
BMW interior design of Active Tourer
BMW Concept in Active Tourer
BMW Passenger seats Active Tourer
BMW bootspace in Active Tourer
BMW side view in Active Tourer
US BMW Active Tourer market
BMW Active Tourer navigation sistems

Perfect design and aerodynamics of new BMW Active Tourer

Active Tourer has a lithium-ion battery with high capacity, and an electric synchronous motor skillfully managed by a board computer. At full charge, it produces 200 Nm, which are able to move the BMW Active Tourer 30 km on electricity. Charging of accumulators it at home using a standard 220-volt outlet. Innovations in the BMW Active Tourer concept is the intelligent hybrid system consists of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. 1.5-liter gasoline engine six-cylinder Series Twin Power Turbo, the total system power is 190 hp and a maximum torque of 200 Nm. This hybrid model is ideal for sporty driving and notice the extremely low fuel consumption - only 2.5 l/100 km. Harmful CO2 emissions are below 60 g / km. BMW Active Tourer Concept is quite innovative developments in the field of aerodynamics. Other hybrid models in this class with similar parameters are Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG and Mazda CX-9.

For example, the control of the air inlets, which are located in various parts of the passenger compartment, and the front bumper and the side for improved aerodynamics and to reduce wind resistance at high speed.

There are so-called air curtain with two vertical holes that control the flow of air along the two front wheels and thereby reducing turbulence.

Both side aero mirrors and innovative design of the wheels help reduce wind resistance and low fuel consumption. Here are some of the dimensions of the measurements of the BMW Active Tourer: Width 1.834 mm, length 4.350 mm, height 1.560 mm and 2.670 mm wheelbase. Wheel size is 20 inches.

Series production of the BMW Active Tourer is scheduled for 2014 Model 1 Series GT. Bavarian giant BMW justifies expectations of its current and future customers with the new so desired and expected BMW Active Tourer combines sportiness, efficiency and comfort on the road.

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