Citroen Wild Rubis made furore in China

At the Shanghai Motor Show Citroen Wild Rubis made ​​a furor. The prototype shown to the public, is actually a SUV series of DS Citroen. Typical model Citroen Wild Rubis are 21-inch wheels shod with tires Guilloche and 2.90 m wide wheelbase.

Length is 4.70 m the crossover is complete Citroen Wild Rubis. Other gauges Citroen Wild Rubis are 1.95 meters wide, 1.59 meters high.

From a reliable source we know that Wild Rubis is actually a modified version of that model DS5 and DS9. In China, the prototype is on sale with 20 cm shorter version.

The logo of the model is in the middle of the front mask in a three-dimensional version. Another interesting solution in the external appearance of Citroen Wild Rubis is a grille that blends with LED lights. LED lights are very much like a tuning fork, perfectly arched over the side fenders. A thought for soundproofing rear muffler. Bookmark and Share

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Citroen Wild Rubis plug-in hybrid a new generation

The sound is muffled because of the double exhaust cleverly built into the rear chrome bumper. Citroen Wild Rubis has 225 hp turbo volume 1.6 liters and auxiliary electric motor with 75 hp In standby power Citroen Wild Rubis travels 50 km. with zero carbon emissions. Many famous car manufacturers of this type as fantastic Mitsubishi Outlander and many selling Volvo XC90 successfully compete on the European market.

In the car has built-in system to increase the speed of the car that uses both engines simultaneously, which results in additional acceleration when overtaking another vehicle or when driving in reverse bias. In the optimal operation of the engine emits 43g/km CO2 emissions - too little for such a powerful car. Good design decision was the roof rails to merge with the side edges of the rear of the car, which achieves perfect aerodynamics. Inside there is a change to the previous version of the Citroen on the area of ​​the rear seats. The aim of the French manufacturer with this stylish suggestion is to join the leading brands in luxury SUV. Citroen Wild Rubis is produced exclusively for the Chinese market, size and shape very similar to the Volkswagen Touareg. In case of success of the East, Citroen plans to change some of the parameters of the Wild Rubis, to allow the car to be competitive on the leading car brands such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. Citroen DS SUV makes a request for a very successful series cars as there are already selling 300,000 cars in 3 years.

No doubt Citroen Wild Rubis is another crossover out the last years of the global auto market with claims to bring a new freshness in this vehicle class. The car retains the characteristic pattern of color in all varieties of red. That Citroen offered its first car at Shanghai Motor Show 2013 is significant because in recent years there has been little interest in leading countries such as the UK and USA. Moreover, the Chinese like crossover long wheelbase and smaller engines.

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