Unique style and individuality in the new Fiat 500L

If you love to ride in a small sized car, but agile and manoeuvrable chassis engine, you've come to the right place. This is your car Fiat 500L. With its new updated Italian design, the increased room for 5 passengers along with the driver and 1.4-liter MultiAir Turbo engine with 160 hp that your car is truly unique. This model Fiat 500L has over 1 million sales in 110 countries from 2007 to the present day. This model is like both ladies and men and children because of its compact size and easy way of managing. The new approach of Italian engineers and designers to manufacture a new look and style of the road is a testament to the great qualities of this small car in dimensions.

Characteristic of the new design of the car is quite flattened appearance than previous models Fiat 500 Sport two-tone interiors, innovative rear and front bumper, larger 16 and 17-inch wheels, in other words, the ideal city car. At the center of it all Fiat 500L has on board a 5-inch display adapted for voice commands, Bluetooth, handsfree calling, integrated navigation system, SD card reader and radio and media center. Bookmark and Share

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The new mini-MPV Fiat 500L with many improvements

Fiat 500L combines functionality and efficiency spaced very close to the feeling of a small SUV, the road very maneuverable and easy to park in the city. Italy's new car has the best indicators of space in its class.

The ratio of interior and exterior dimensions is optimal, given the dimensions of the car: length 415 cm, width 178 cm and 261 cm wheelbase Boot capacity has increased to 400 liters, and passengers can sit comfortably in 3.17 cubic meters .

Cargo space can be adjusted in 3 levels, depending on what items ship. There are enough hooks and pockets to keep your fragile and large objects. Fiat 500L is produced in three variants engines, two petrol and one turbodiesel.

A thought for the emission of CO2. Petrol engines 95 HP 1.4 l 16V Fire and 105 HP 0.9 Turbo TwinAir. Each has different properties depending on whether the transmission is a five or six speed. Characterized by low fuel consumption thanks to the effectiveness of the use turbocharging.

There have been over 10,000 hours testing and simulations. In 2014 provides for the release of Fiat 500L series production fueled by methane. As we know, methane is the cleanest vehicle fuel that has lower levels of pollution. To the base model includes front and side airbags, Standard ABS, Brake Assist system and the Electronic Stability Control. Similar characteristics as the engine and chassis have Peugeot 208 and Toyota Auris.

All this is done so that the safety of passengers is the maximum guaranteed. Have internal and internal controls (City Brake Control), which is responsible for many parameters, including whether you put your seat belt when driving a car alarm in reverse and even if the way in which the drive is frozen.

Here are some of the main equipment of Fiat 500L: adjustable steering wheel height and length as well as electric power steering, electric front windows, central door lock and remote alarm.

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