Comfortable innovations for driving Ford Focus

One of the greatest achievements in recent years Ford Focus model. Ford Focus is the successor to the much discussed much in the 90s of last century Ford Escort. Competition in the production of automobiles in the world is very large and therefore the Ford Focus meets with dignity the challenges facing its customers. Extremely advanced car in the latest technology serving to provide a safe, easy and exciting journey. Ford Focus model is equipped with the latest management systems such as Torque Control, Auto Start Stop and Active Park Assist.

Thanks to these systems as Ford Focus saves fuel when the engine is at a standstill and allows the car to park freely in the tightest spaces. Ford Focus model is characterized by very high engine performance with minimum fuel consumption and a lower percentage of carbon in the atmosphere. This EcoBoost engine is the pride of the engineers at Ford and class-leading in fuel economy and exhaust emissions. Bookmark and Share

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The best aerodynamics and design of new Ford Focus

Innovative technologies in the production of this brand new engine does not compromise on performance and power at the expense of reduction of CO2.

The latest innovation introduced specifically for use in model Ford Focus is system Tight parking. Through sensors include Active Park Assist, which draws in the car space only 20% longer than the car. The driver works only with gas, brake and gearbox of the car, and everything else to park safely in the hands of the program Active Park Assist. A special screen on the dashboard and svetninni following sound signals.

Interesting innovations to Ford Focus

Other facilities at this tourer is inovartivnata technology that recognizes traffic signs Traffic Sign Recognition and especially those who have been designated speed. The dashboard light flashes to warn you to slow down to enter within safe trip.

Only for certain models of Ford Focus comes pretty effective system starting in reverse bias Hill Start Assist. This system stops the car to move down at start by braking in 2.5 seconds. This is a sufficient period of time for which the car has to move as a shift of the leg from the clutch pedal to the accelerator pedal.

It is sufficient to note the model of car brands crossover such as Peugeot 208 GTI and new and economical Toyota Auris - obvious competitors of the Ford Focus. System are ideal for downhill slope on slippery road surfaces. Another system to support the work of the driver of the Ford Focus is the Lane Keeping Aid system warning when passing from one traffic lane to neighbors. Vibration through the steering wheel and the dashboard lights visual driver understands that it is dangerous to do this maneuver. It is precisely this feature of the Ford Focus has brought the prestigious Euro NCAP Advanced proven effective for safety while driving. There are many cases on a trip when the driver does not have enough visibility (so-called Dead Zone). That's what they think engineers model Ford Focus.

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