Latest developments of GMC Acadia

New GMC Acadia 2013 to the attention of its current and future customers car of new generation. This passenger crossover jeep has all the facilities to functionality, safety and technology. All GMC Acadia is powered by 3.6 liter V6 VVT engine that uses an innovative direct fuel injection, which achieves some savings on gasoline.

The interoperability of the car is preserved in its predecessor and is ideal for large families. Characteristic of this model is the so-called system SmartSlide seating for passengers. They have easy access to seating, especially for those at the back.

Different models of GMC Acadia 2013 have seven and eight seats in the last row of seats fold to increase cargo volume rear trunk. Attention to detail is an important feature for designers from GM. The instrument panel has been redesigned, and the display is a multifunctional and contains all the information for easy and convenient travel. Bookmark and Share

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GMC Acadia with a new design

The decorations of the interior are available, and seats are coated with a soft and warm fabric. GMC Acadia has a Touch Active climate control, adjustable head restraints on front seats and ambient light dependent inside the car.

Have also been considered for the passengers' baggage because luggage space is highest compared to the competition of the same class. Here are some of the extras of the GMC Acadia 2013:

Latest news about GMC Acadia

We start with a rear view camera Vision Camera. It allows the car to park easily even in tight spots. All this facilitates the driver of the car, because it uses the services of the color screen Touch Radio. Color radio with Intellilink is through color command screen with voice control and seamless smartphone hands-free integration. GMC Acadia model has a built-Touch navigation system and a map with multiple views and Hourly weather forecast. Another innovation is the CROSS TRAFFIC TECHNOLOGY. It helps the driver by intelligent engineering, during overtaking when not necessary visibility (ie. Dead spots) and uses radar oncoming traffic. Another technology in the GMC Acadia driver assistance has StabiliTrak. Auto shows around the world eagerly await the other models of the same class of such well-known brands such as Maserati Ghibli and especially sports car Porsche 911 Turbo. It takes care of the control of grip and sudden maneuvers, including sudden stop and go. Model GMC Acadia has a fully independent active suspension, which helps cornering to take a more gradual and not the wheels on the road. The car is set up so that passengers do not get tired on the road. Wheels are 18 "and 19", and the steering gear is designed to allow seamless parallel parking. A disadvantage of the 2013 GMC Acadia is the weight, which to some extent prevents the maneuverability of the jeep and make it more cumbersome on the road.

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