Navigation security systems IT technology emissions of harmful CO2

Frankfurt Auto Show 2014 in website

In each calendar year Mondial around the largest cities in the world centers of economic growth and IT technologies.

Every two years in Frankfurt am Main, Germany is held Frankfurt Auto Show, which is one of the largest on Earth. Attendance at the show is one of the highest compared to other major cities, who held their annual exhibitions such as New York, Paris, Shanghai and London.

The concept and innovative cars in website

The cars involved in the Frankfurt Auto Show is located in 12 buildings on an area the size of a quarter. Since 1991, the organizers of this World Auto Show have decided in even-numbered years show commercial vehicles in Hanover, Frankfurt odd years - passenger vehicles including motorcycles.

Over the past five years has increased interest in electric vehicles and hybrids.



 Understandably, most cars have a notably from Germany, as it is the host of this global event. The largest share of car companies are Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Opel. Especially great is the competition in the development in the field of navigation, security systems, IT technology and of course so fashionable in recent years, emissions of harmful CO2 emissions from the engine into the atmosphere. Most of the cars were sold before the Frankfurt Auto Show. Understandable interest of rich people and lovers who want to make new cars precisely for this forum. Presented innovative and conceptual models of cars have future technologies. Thanks to precisely such Auto Show mankind is on the right track. Money invested returns many times, given the global crisis spread to verify all of our lives.

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