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In December 1907 held its first Auto Show in Detroit. More than a century the parade all the world's cars. Early Detroit Auto Show is transmitted only American cars, but in 1987 the organizers of the Motor Show decided to invite representatives from around the world to become world auto show. Just a few years Detroit Auto Show managed to beat local rivals New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, and in 10 years has already rival world fairs in Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris and Tokyo. In recent years and especially in 2014 Dealers Association decided to change the vision of the event focusing on media coverage of the Detroit Auto Show.

The most important part of Detroit Auto Show 2014

Invited over 7,000 media from around the world to reflect the Detroit Auto Show, and the number of visitors to a record high.

This event lasts two weeks and is a real holiday for lovers of new cars and guests of this industrial city. Any Detroit Auto Show 2014 is accompanied by the aroma of brand new cars and very attractive young women. Of course, priority is given to Made in USA. It is a show car for the future. Besides the traditional representatives of Germany and Japan show unprecedented new technologies and management systems and security. If you like speed and expensive new cars and you accidentally in America, do not miss the Detroit Auto Show - you will not regret. Organization is world class. In connection with the upcoming Truck Show in Detroit each rep kept secret until the last moment his new conceptual model. We look forward to the next Detroit Auto Show 2014, which we expect to see great cars, crazy ideas and unique engineering solutions. A thought about everything, ranging from parking your car and reach the hotels and restaurants that are available to all guests of the Detroit Auto Show 2014.

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