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In China, all is very different than anywhere else in the world. Some things, however, and in China as well as worldwide. New cars are decorated with beautiful girls. We caught you the most beautiful sides of the Shanghai Motor Show. It shows their products to more than 2,000 manufacturers of automobiles and complete sets of equipment from 18 countries in the world. The stands are exposed to over 1300 models, 111 of which are premieres for the country and the world. One of the major exhibits in the stand of Volkswagen in Shanghai Motor Show 2014 was named Gran Lavida. The car is based on the VW Jetta, has designer genes Audi A3 and is the wagon version of the testimony last year Lavida sedan. As a counterpart, the model receives and its facilities - a range of three petrol engines with a displacement of 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 liters, the smallest receives turbo filling for maximum power of 140 hp Gran Lavida offers increased cargo space and some interior innovations and will be based on the German model range in China over the next few years.

The most interesting part of Chinese Motor Show 2014

Fastest growing car market - China - feels great interest in everything new from global giants in the industry. Therefore, premium exhibition in Shanghai 2014 can be seen in everything - technology, new car models, development strategies. Of the fifteenth edition of the Shanghai Motor Show has full domination of cars with hybrid and electric propulsion, crossover and SUV. The biggest players in the global automotive market compete at the international exhibition in the Chinese metropolis Shanghai. Strongly the presence of many local companies that will compete with giants such as "Ford", "Jaguar", "Nissan" and "BMW". Even the most conservative estimates of the experts suggest that the auto market in China will grow to 30 million new cars per year by 2020 some even number is 40 million. Nissan for example, introduces a conceptual model "My Friend", designed exclusively for young people. German concern "BMW" drew the newest BMW X4 - a new member of the family of the X series. On April 29, salon closes waiting in 2014 many fans to revisit Chinese Motor Show.

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