New Renault Captur crossover model

In recent years, appeared on the fashion crossover type of vehicles, which feature large flotation and comfortable journey for passengers. That is why the French auto giant Renault respond to increased competition producers of the model cars with his Renault Captur.

We can boldly say that this is the best city crossover built until now. Price is much lower than these models such as SUV of Volvo XC 90 and Mazda CX-9. In the summer Renault Captur will be on the European market, we can certainly tell that basically as engine and chassis it is borrowed from the model Clio. Vehicle can he attributed to small SUVs because of its small length of 4.12 m. The car is front-wheel drive, higher by 12 cm and a little wider than a base model, making it ideal for a family car. Renault Captur has 1461k.s. Four-cylinder turbodiesel with 89bhp torque at 4000rpm/162lb feet. A thought for the environment because the French crossover released to the atmosphere only 96g/km., While fuel consumption is reduced to 83.1mpg. Bookmark and Share

Renault Captur photo gallery

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rear rack of Renault Captur
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Renault Captur review and comparison with Clio

Accelerates from 0-100 km in 12.6 sec. The performance of the engine is very good and reliable, and the five-speed manual gearbox is quite good because the motor operates quietly without excessive vibration.

Captur is the height of 1,566 m 10 cm higher than the Clio, which affects the choice of wheels respectively 16 or 17 inch alloy wheels. Overall aerodynamics is very good, and the weight of the car is 100 kg more than the Clio. Let us turn our attention to the interior of Renault Captur, because it is quite impressive.

This SUV vehicle fully complies with the degree of practicality MPV. Very compact interior design, opportunities to travel, more legroom and comfort for leaning the head. The rear seats are able to move forward in order to increase the total area of the trunk if necessary. Boot space is 377 liters, with rear seats upright. The principle of the luggage compartment is standard as well as most hatchback cars including Citroen Wild Rubis and of course Toyota Auris.

Center console IPAD, identical to that of Clio. Another feature is that the front and rear seats are heated. The new integrated multimedia system R-Link, also helps in navigating through voice commands, such as leisure passengers as desired music and movies. As a note to the interior can add greater use of hard plastic in the cabin and difficulties in maintaining the purity, especially for families with small children. Renault Captur is mass produced in several leading colors - blue, black, white and orange. There is an option to attend these colors together, making color combinations such as white roof, blue coupe and black skirts and vents. Management of Renault Captur is light and pretty good, but the suspension is very smooth, ideal for urban environments, given the overall dimensions of this new hatchback. And parking is looked after by engineers at Renault. There are special rear sensors to help the driver when parallel parking a short distance away. Renault Captur is a revolutionary new type of car accessible to people with low income and an adequate amount of extras for its class.

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