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The latest version of the VW Golf GTI Mk7, which is expected to hit the market in May 2013, according to some experts in the automobile industry is the most thrifty and fastest car by far end Golf GTI. Whether that is true or new model VW Golf has only cosmetic changes from the VW Golf MK6 will know soon. One thing is clear at first glance, the design has not changed much, although the car seem too revolutionary. Lightweight chassis and the car weighs just 1325kg, made ​​of steel and aluminum. Bookmark and Share

The hull is aerodynamic, with very elongated headlights, slightly extended rear spoiler on the back cover, 19-inch alloy wheels and many other changes. The design of the car is rather simple, but in no slachay brave. There's even a button to start the car, which is not new to most new cars. VW Golf Mk7 GTI with 2.0-liter turbo 1984cc V16 engine that roars even when idle.

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Volkswagen presented the latest model of VW Golf GTI Mk7

The gearbox is a six-speed with double clutch, front-wheel drive, and improvements to the engine ineffective because acceleration from 0-100 km is only 6.5sec, fuel economy is 14% smaller than the VW Golf Mk6, and the maximum speed is 10 km.

greater. New VW Golf GTI Mk7 is Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) or in other words can you select modes when driving - Comfort, Normal, Sport, Eco and individually. This means that the car automatically electronically adjusts the engine, transmission, shock absorbers, steering, adaptive cruise control and even the operation of the air conditioner. Here is an example of how the system operates.

We Selects Sport, this means that the gears are included early, which should more speed and greater fuel economy at the expense of greater power. The engine of the VW Golf GTI Mk7, and all new drivers of VW Golf have a start / stop system and BlueMotion Technology. Introduced an innovative braking system XDS. Electronic information comes to stopping any eno wheel of the car. First to introduce the XDS system are Skoda Fabia VRS and SEAT Leon FR. Operating principle of this system is when XDS car turns and while the driver pressed the brakes. Load at break in the inner wheel is lower and consequently the braking force is smaller, at the expense of the outer wheel where the braking force is greater. Volkswagen is a famous brand cars, which many people know as the "people's car", as also Mitsubishi in Japan and Renault of France. Dimensions of the VW Golf MK7 are similar to previous models and Golf MK6 Golf MK5, length 4268, width 1790 and visochina1442mm, focusing heavily on the sports design of this wonderful hatchback. Golf MK6 model is very popular among the middle class because of affordability, ease of management, agility on the road and not least the high level of safety. Tire grip the road is very good and the car run good, except that the wheel is comfortable and practical. A thought for the environment, because all engines Volkswagen Golf new generation emits less than 120 years of CO2 per kilometer.

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