Innovation and technical parameters of BMW X6

The new generation BMW X6 already enjoys millions of fans around the world. While there are some similar elements of BMW X4, such as adaptive headlights and LED lights. Aerodynamic point of view, there are some improvements, such as well-rounded spoilers on the front fenders and outer air intakes on the front bumper, including Air Breather and Air Curtains in the side panels.

All this somewhat reduces the air resistance in the wheel arches. A strong vision of the new generation BMW X6 is emphasized by the horizontal grid line, double L-shaped rear lights that provide an impressive appearance especially in the dark hours of the day when three-dimensional LED light units stand out in the night. The body is protected by opaque elements below.

It has become tradition, the new generation of BMW X6 is an elongated bonnet and pull back passenger cell and longer wheelbase. The new generation BMW X6 is a production car with a lot more advanced options than previous models BMW X4 example. Bookmark and Share

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A full description of the new generation BMW X6

Engineers have been addressed individually to every member - eight-speed transmission with Steptronic Sport paddle, 19-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control and leather upholstery.

Another innovation is the automatic dimming mirror, which helps if you have a car behind with the main beam and blinds you. Model includes more assistants Driving Assistant and Connected Drive. Rear seat passengers can have three, and the trunk has a capacity of 580 liters, and if you fold down the rear seats volume is 1525 liters.

Sports vision and suspension of BMW X6

The motors come in two versions: six-cylinder diesel with 258 hp and three cylinder diesel with turbocharger and 381 hp The new generation BMW X6 was released in late 2014, in addition to the expected pattern adaptive suspension Dynamic Performance Control.

High performance car, easy to manage, having sporty elegance, luxurious atmosphere and attractive interior design. V8 gasoline engine accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds. Think about the safety of passengers during the night. There is a system Night vision, which detects not only pedestrians on the road, but also wild animals.

There is a special built-in thermal sensors that capture larger objects out of the roadway, no matter the headlights have not reached the site. Dinamic light spot includes special lights that direct the driver of impending danger on the road. For the convenience of the driver in the city is provided and Parktronic park assist.

The new generation BMW X6 is equipped with sensors in the front and rear and rear view camera. Also has 360 - degree panoramic view, which is managed by a special display and allows the driver to see cross traffic against poor visibility.

Unfortunately, the exact price of the base model is not yet clear, but in any event would be very high and impossible for the ordinary citizen.

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