Citroen C1 suitable for urban

Presentation of the new Citroen C1 camp of Geneva Motor Show 2014. Campaign started in 2005 and to date has sold more than 750,000 cars. City car meets the current requirements for low fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Bestseller Citroen C1 is available in 3-door and 5-door, also called Airscape. What makes the new Citroen C1, first innovative design, dynamic lines of the body and challenging look at the lights in front. I can not see this car with inimitable style catches the eye. Extremely agile car designed for large traffic in cities, compact, comfortable suspension and sustainable through sharp turns. Useful technologies in this French car is also not inferior competition.

Convenient features 7-inch touch screen and technology Mirror Screen, add a new dimension and high functionality. The new Citroen C1 has a hands-free function, video rear view camera with rear parking assistant and hill-start assist, helping the car to not start at first start under negative slope above 3%. Bookmark and Share

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Technical characteristics of Citroen C1

As the weight of the car is only 840 kg, fuel consumption is optimized (best performance in its class), low CO2 emissions and less engine noise. Dynamic car with emphasis on individuality - two round front headlamps integrated in one housing, vertical LED daytime running lights, rear glass tailgate and nearly square tail lights with prevailing 3D effect.

Obviously, the newest member of the family Citroen C1 has his own style and vision, able to attract the attention of passers-by. The car comes in two variants 14 inches and 15 inches alloy wheels. The new Citroen C1 is designed to carry four adults, consider their convenience.

The vehicle's dimensions are length 3.46 m, width 1.62 m and height 1.45 m Thanks to the electric power steering Citroen C1 can turn radius 4.8 m - nimble and maneuverable when necessary. Indisputable advantage and easy management in urban driving conditions.

Features in the design of Citroen C1

The build quality of the interior is very high, which is normal for this class of cars. Monitor dashboard retracts gracefully and silently,Citroen C1 is available in two petrol engine, 5-speed manual transmission, Stop / Start technology and special aerodynamic package.

VTi 68 engine runs parallel with connector ETG, 5-speed gearbox efficiently regulated electric. Other engines VTi 82 series engines is PureTech. Engine power is 82 hp, cylinder petrol with an average fuel consumption of 4.3l/100 km. CO2 emissions are just under 100g/km, torque of 118 Nm and accelerates from 0-100 km in 11 seconds modest.

All this will become a reality in 2015 when the new Citroen C1 will hit the automotive market. Until then, it remains to wait and monitor your competition will meet Germany in the face of Suzuki SX4, Nissan Leaf and VW Golf.

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