Serial car Citroen DS 2015

We witnessed a great development and a variety of modifications of the Citroen DS3 - Citroen DS6 over the past few years. This comfortable car easily won their positions as the Asian market which is very competitive both in Europe and America.

The French automobile brand has proven that there is a great future and is easily accepted by all. The legendary Citroen DS is a symbol of design and innovative thinking. Let us remind for the appearance in 2014 of Citroen DS5LS - serial version of the Citroen Wild Rubis.

Namely Citroen DS5 LS debuted successfully AutoShow in Beijing. A model Citroen DS5X7 is expected to come with 1.6-liter turbo engine - with 163 k, environmentally friendly 1.8 liter engine - with 139 k and 200 k mass model village French carmaker thought about ecology and created hybrid model with an additional electric motor with 70 k and run up to 50 km on electricity alone.

This is especially true for CO2 index that exceeds 200 g / km. Bookmark and Share

Citroen DS 2015 photo gallery

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Innovation and design of Citroen DS3

If we look at the design outside, immediately we noticed the beautiful bold shapes of the front cover and silver rear pillars which end perfect aerodynamics of the car.

Sporty Citroen DS 5LSR is 15 mm lower rack compared to the serial model and a wider track helps the stability of the road at high speed cornering. In the past year sold 123,000 cars Citroen DS, such ambitions are in 2014 this figure doubled.

Luxury Interior Citroen DS 2015

Very high hopes in this direction are assigned to the flagman Citroen DSX7 and DS9. If we look at near future, in 2015 the new DS 6WR will support sports models with its unique style, wide and low body posture, energy and dynamism.

The unique chrome-nickel plating highlights the dynamic and sculpted lines on the rear of the car. Grille can clearly emblem DS, rear lights cleverly housed on the back cover and in the rear window brake light is integrated with Xenon technology.

The interior is luxurious, made of high quality materials. Everything is lined in leather including the steering wheel and dashboard. Citroen DS3 - DS6 inherits all the extras of previous models - integrated navigation 7-inch color widescreen display characterized by its high resolution, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

In addition the car has an automatic digital air conditioning and rear parking sensors in urban environments.

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