The new Fiat 500X 2015

The new modern crossover Fiat 500X 2015 with many off-road capabilities will soon see its realization on the roads of Europe and America. This new version is an ideal vehicle for all kinds of ways, because it is equipped with the latest technical updates to this class cars.

Surely you remember that in 2014 came mini version Fiat 500l, which proved to be a springboard for Fiat 500X 2015 with the difference that the dimensions are bigger and the interior space is increased. Designers continue to rely on already known features of this established brand cars.

The interior is clean with an emphasis on premium materials and fabrics. A thought for a comfortable and safe journey for passengers. Typical sedan with stylish design and highlighted harmonious lines of the body, ideal for city traffic and a second-class country roads. The dimensions are 4.25 meters in length, 1.8 meters wide and 1.62 meters high. Fiat 500X is available in seven interior configurations (different fabrics, colors and skin). Bookmark and Share

Fiat 500X 2015 photo gallery

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Technical characteristics of the Fiat 500X 2015

There are several options for adjusting the seats and a spacious luggage compartment with a capacity of 350 liters. Italian car can be equipped with 16-, 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels.

The client selects different combinations of transmission and engine to achieve optimum performance, fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Here are the options: 140 HP 1.4 Turbo MultiAir2 front-wheel drive and 6-speed manual transmission, 110 HP 1.6 "E-Torq" with a 5-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive, 120 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II with 9-speed automatic transmission and 4X4. All petrol engines are mentioned.

For turbodiesel engine options will be available: 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II with 5-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive and 140 HP 2.0 MultiJet II with 6-speed manual transmission and 4X4.

Fiat 500X 2015 is equipped with a suspension system type MacPherson, which provides the perfect balance between comfort and engine performance.

Interior and exterior of the Fiat 500X 2015

Passenger protection in a collision is guaranteed by six airbags, which are under the windows and front door.

A thought for the headlights and integrated system ESC, which allows to adjust the light in the corners and in reduced visibility (eg fog). Other standard system Lane Assist warns the driver of lane departure. Also Fiat 500X 2015 has assisted braking system Brake Control and Parkview rear view camera.

Three operating modes Auto - the most common mode, Sport and All Weather - mode for all weather conditions. In terms of comfort Fiat 500X 2015 is equipped with 6.5 inch touchscreen and easy access to radio, telephone, TomTom 2.5D navigation and more. Over 100 accessories can be fully customized and modified.

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