Car for inexperienced drivers Ford C-MAX

The German car manufacturer presented the new Ford C-MAX and Ford Grand C-MAX with a beautiful and compact exterior design, functional interior, good fuel efficiency and lower emissions of CO2, which is a step forward in the ecology of this type of cars. The information we have is that the two variants namely the five-seat Ford C-MAX and seven meat Ford Grand C-MAX will go on sale in early 2015. Besides exceptional precision in the manufacture of every element of the car with which the Germans are known, this car will be equipped with voice-activated SYNC 2. engine of Ford C-MAX will be a petrol 1.5-liter EcoBoost and diesel 1.5-liter TDCi ECOnetic. CO2 emissions will be below 100 g / km. For the first time in 2003 was presented to Ford C-MAX and to date has sold around 1.2 million in Europe alone. The success of this car is mainly due to the comfortable soft sports suspension and ease of management. The new Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX have simple controls, with fewer buttons on the dashboard trim in black satin and chrome and switches. In other words, everything is controlled by the driver intuitively. Bookmark and Share

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Ford C-MAX car for young drivers

Think for noise and vibration in the cabin. There are special seals to isolate the noise, the lenses are thicker absorbent gasket. Part of resonant vibration shall be borne by the aluminum wheels, and the rest of the suspension of the car.

The new Ford C-MAX is equipped with auxiliary systems that protect the car from scratches and minor impacts in small parking spaces available in the city. Active Park Assist system helps the driver to find the best parking spot on the street after the driver presses the button for this innovative acquisition.

Driver controls the brake and accelerator and the car is quiet empty parking space. Other support systems that will only list are: Cross Traffic Alert, Park-Out Assist and Active City Stop. Here's a new technology, Adaptive Cruise Control - allows the car to maintain a certain distance to the vehicle in front depending on its speed.

Adaptive systems of Ford C-MAX

The new navigation system, SYNC 2 is activated by voice commands, the driver, and thus do not engage his hands. SYNC command system 2 8-inch color touch screen audio control, air conditioning and mobile phone.

Ford C-MAX is equipped with Adaptive Front Lighting System. This system allows for dynamic adjustment of the light in the darkest hours of the day.

For example, when the vehicle makes a turn Bi-Xenon HID lamps direct light beam in the direction of the bend in order to advance to see the cyclist or pedestrian on the road.

Light system helps the car to run at optimal speed in turns, as directed deeper into the turn. In other words, Ford C-MAX and Ford Grand C-MAX are the ideal car for young and inexperienced drivers.

This car helps younger drivers to reduce initial stress of driving through programmed MyKey key technology.

It limits the maximum speed of your car reduces or stops the audio system if the driver and passengers are not put his seat belt.

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