Modern off-road Ford Ecosport

Long time no longer fashionable to drive SUV, but let me introduce another such model called Ford Ecosport. High demand for SUV models in recent years has its explanation. High and modern ride for passengers and high panoramic view of the road.

Ford Ecosport is built in Brazil and assembled in India, but still remains a German car. If you look at the side and front Ford Ecosport will notice imposing radiator grille and rear enshrined spare tire to the back door, which in turn opens sideways instead of up.

Is this a practical consider themselves, especially if behind Ford Ecosport tightly stopped another car. In this case you can not open the door and put luggage for example. The engine displacement is 1.0 liters and power 125 horsepower - quite agile at that. Bookmark and Share

Ford Ecosport photo gallery

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Operating parameters of the Ford Ecosport

The average cost is low only 6.7 liters per 100 km. The interior is not anything special because legroom for rear passengers people is small, although the seats are adjustable .

Convenient management of Ford Ecosport gives a feeling that you are in a SUV . Cabin for five passengers and the driver has the opportunity through voice commands to manage support systems such as Smart Keyless Entry and Ford Power Start.

Technical indicators on Ford Ecosport

To reduce the load on the drive, Ford Ecosport has a function Hill Launch Assist and rear parking sensors. Agility and maneuverability comes from the power steering and good fuel efficiency. Even feel a slight oscillation at high speed, what little exotic for this car model.

Let us mention the larger clearance compared to competitors Renault Captur and Peugeot 208. It is 20 cm long and hardly scare it bigger curbs and deep holes.

Of technical parameters we added five speed transmission, front-wheel drive, CO2 emissions - 125 g / km of trunk capacity 310-1238 liters depending on whether the rear seats are folded or not. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h is not a big deal just 12.4 seconds, top speed is 180 km / h, and 12 years producer guarantees corrosion resistance.

Suspension is not at a level may still be desired, but the interior looks a bit cheap by looking in the plastic of the dashboard. The dimensions of the Ford Ecosport are: length 4.273 m, width 1.765 m and a height of 1,665 meters Overall, however, Ford Ecosport is a true off-road vehicle. To enter the base Ford Ecosport - navigation system, heated front seats, cruise control, radio, etc..

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