New compact Honda Fit hatchback

In 2015 is expected to hit the car market Honda Fit hatchback. Over the past 10 years, this model has won many international awards. These awards were given to fuel efficiency, high quality interior, easy handling and great practicality.

Model Honda Fit hatchback 2015 expected an entirely new vision of the car, more flexibility in the management, fresh design and of course improved features and innovative assistance systems.

Compared to the previous two generations of Honda Fit, the interior is comfortable, with more legroom for passengers traveling back and more space for luggage. Honda Fit hatchback has a completely new chassis, lighter and more robust platform equipped with more improvements.

This gives the driver a feeling of sporty cars, increased agility and improvements in the front and rear suspension. Safety is a very high level, especially with regard to the safety of passengers in a collision. Bookmark and Share

Honda Fit hatchback photo gallery

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Perfect interior of the Honda Fit hatchback

Significantly increased the power of the car, direct injection and six-speed manual further prioritize the Honda Fit hatchback to compete in Citroen C1 and Suzuki SX4. Fresh exterior sporty design is reinforced by the aggressive stance of the vehicle dynamic sloping roofline, linear slope of the hood and windshield and finishing spoiler.

The emphasis in the interior of black material used in the gym, stylish touch screen and the whole dashboard. Think for lights. Multi-reflector halogen headlights, automatic control of day and night lights, new LED stop lamp, fog lights and integrated side mirrors.

The new Honda Fit hatchback accelerates faster has a higher power, improved throttle response, reduced aerodynamic resistance and a more efficient transmission.

Fresh solutions Honda Fit hatchback

Honda engineers have worked quite reducing the total weight of the car and reduce the overall noise inside and outside the cabin.

Honda Fit hatchback has a system for monitoring tire pressure, Hill Start Assist - helps prevent reverse the car in reverse slope airbags for passengers who ride front and rear.

Another interesting innovation is the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) - electronic stability control, which directly influences the supply of gas, braking and cornering stability.

In practice, when the car enters a higher speed in a sharp turn, includes VSA, reducing the flow of fuel to the engine and applies braking force to front and rear inner wheel to avoid oversteer. Thus Honda Fit hatchback remains stable on the road for better traction.

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