New generation Hyundai Sonata

Auto Show New York 2014 was presented the new seventh-generation Hyundai Sonata 2015. spectacular success in the appearance in 2009 strengthened its position in the sedan segment.

The new exterior design, reduced engine noise and better ride raise the bar in the middle class. Users will experience the innovative interior and exterior design and advanced safety features on the road. Hyundai Sonata does not shine very large claims as a major automotive giants BMW M 235i and Mercedes Benz CLA . Simple harmonic lines and improved dynamics Hyundai Sonata 2015, increased stability of the chassis are the highlights of this new modification cars.

The coefficient of drag is 0.27, which is lower than all the cars are not hybrids. Harmonious lines of the exterior package and stiff chassis are characteristic signature of this optimally built car. The width of the Hyundai Sonata highlights best if you look at the rear of the vehicle. What actually looking for lovers of this brand? Bookmark and Share

Hyundai Sonata photo gallery

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Engineering solutions in Hyundai Sonata

Lowest base price, which includes - standard LED lights, spoiler on the tailgate, 16-inch alloy wheels and enlarged panel of the exhaust pipes.

In front of the car might notice the aggressive design, which includes acute and attached front bumper grille, chrome side-lines, etc.

The sports model Hyundai Sonata boasts a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, 18-inch alloy wheels and quad tailpipes.

The driving position is done, that it has easy access to all buttons on the dashboard. Before it has a screen with 8-inch navigation system Pandora, a good view of the road and seven airbags to secure passengers in any accident.

Technical parameters Hyundai Sonata

Think for rear seat passengers. They are automatically adjusted according to the weight of the passenger and the cold weather are heated and ventilated so as the front seats.

The rear suspension is reinforced parameters. Suspension provides greater stability of the car stiffer ride and a new geometry that makes Hyundai Sonata more stable under braking with shorter stopping distances.

At the base model are available Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Management, Electronic Stability Control, ABS and tire pressure monitoring system tire. Other support systems embedded in the car are:

Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

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