Sporty crossover Jaguar c-x17

For the first time in its product range, British producer out of the car market with a brand new Jaguar c-x17. The car was first introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013. It's no wonder truth is finally and Jaguar decided such challenging step to create SUV and in no way bad.

On the contrary, it is a start and will have great success. With its reasonable price Jaguar c-x17 falls into the gap between competing models of BMW Active Tourer and Audi RS Q3.

Wheel drive XJ and XF in these models is a must. Overall the suspension is sport, but does not intend for this reduction gear and blockages. In other words Jaguar c-x17 stands on well-paved road, so do not do additional experiments. Under the hood we have a V6-engine F-Type with 2995 cubic cm power 280 kW (380 HP with). Already mentioned the sports structure that is present in the interior. Bookmark and Share

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Technical characteristics of Jaguar c-x17

The seats are comfortable, although legroom and head is less. However, we recognize the rear seat and the circular touchscreen switch eight speed automatic transmission .

Another novelty is the recognition fingerprint driver and the complete rethinking of understanding of the SUV. Can be reported as a disadvantage low standing of the driver and passenger leather sport seats .

This somewhat hinders a general overview of the way. The dashboard is equipped with a console that allows the driver to see important information about it on the windshield.

New crossover Jaguar c-x17

Such a system has fighter aircraft in the United States. The external design is impressive, the car stands slightly flattened, and the impressive front grille and two round tailpipes behind reinforce the position of this sporty SUV.

As for the size can only mention them: width 1959 mm, length 4718 mm and height 1649 mm. Compared with other SUV models clearance is slightly larger 213 mm and wheels are 23-inch. Headlamps and LED lights are clearly aggressive that strengthen the prestige of the Jaguar c-x17.

The lightweight aluminum construction allows Jaguar c-x17 reach speeds of 300 km / h and CO2 emissions to 100 g / km. In conclusion we can say that Jaguar c-x17 is a sporty SUV, ending a wide range of different cars on British brand Jaguar.

Let's see what will happen in 2015, when free sales will begin, and until then we can only dream of this super luxury car. Early next year will come new Jaguar XJL Supercharged, which I wrote in more detail in a previous article.

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