New models of cars Motror Show Brussels 2014 innovations of plug-in hybrids

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Motror Show in Brussels 2014 takes place every year from 14 to 25 January. And in 2014 this tradition will be respected and made numerous visitors easy access to all rooms. International visitors can arrive by plane, train or car, but also think about the handicapped, special platforms were made for them. Another interesting news is that it will not allow models with skimpy clothes in the presentation of the cars, because the organizers of Motror Show in Brussels had a lot of problems with visitors in 2013.

This will minimize the banter of men presenting to the beauties of the future car models . What to expect in 2014 Motror Show in Brussels. Of course the latest models of cars Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept, Audi Sport quattro Laserlight Concept with the latest innovations of plug-in hybrids , interfaces and lighting.

Detailed information about visitors Motror Show Brussels 2014

Will be presented and mini style cars like the Mini John Cooper Works Concept, which comes straight from the runway as an elite sport mini car model.

Mercedes will not betray their traditions and their latest model Mercedes-Benz C-Class and numerous assistance systems for easy driving and safety.

We look forward to the advent of the new Lexus GS 300X - Lexus flagship pride of three key market segments: C, D and E Premium.

Thanks to its lightweight construction and excellent aerodynamics Mercedes raises the bar for the competition. Bavarians from BMW show their BMW M4 Coupe, which is now known as the most productive sports car. Complete our short walk to the Porsche 918 Spyder embody maximum performance with minimum fuel consumption while its power to murder. In one of our next article we will tell more detail about each of the models of cars presented Motror Show in Brussels 2014.


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