Third generation Mazda 6

The tradition imposed in recent years by its predecessors, Mazda 6 impresses his many admirers the world over with its multifunctional interior, easy management and high security.

Mazda 6 is produced by a diesel and five gasoline engines SKYACTIV 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. There are two body styles - sedan and sport wagon.

The compression ratio of gasoline engines is 14:1, ie greatly increased torque and reduced fuel consumption. Japanese made ​​car that minimally polluting.

Many car companies have a bad practice to produce its basic car without extras can be cheap and to increase their sales. Bookmark and Share

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Mazda 6 and the system i-ELOOP

However, this Japanese company Mazda not doing it, on the contrary, trying to produce cars with lots of extras at affordable prices to people. It is achieved in the model Mazda 6 - a unique interior design and very aerodynamic exterior.

Coefficient of aerodynamics is 0.26, which is above average for this class of vehicles. Novelty is the system i-ELOOP, which store energy during braking of the car in capacitors.

Principle is KERS systems F1, thereby avoiding heavy batteries, which in this case is replaced by a capacitor connected to the alternator and to direct current converter.

These capacitors are emptied in a minute in the vehicle electrical system, including the battery, air conditioning and more.

Innovation and high environmental standards at Mazda 6

In addition, it is worth the start / stop system which is very suitable for frequent stops around town. Again capacitors assist in starting the engine. Fuel consumption is impressive: a 2.2-liter diesel engine is only 4 liters per 100 km. and the urban 5.7 l/100km.

Mazda 6 is a different car than the big competition of SEAT Leon and Kia Soul, which also came soon automotive markets worldwide.

All IT technologies introduced in recent years in the sports and family cars have them in the Mazda 6, the difference in price to innovation and high environmental standards which it has set a goal of Japanese car company.

To optional extras can add Pandora Radio, Bluetooth, 5,8-inch color touchscreen, Tom Tom navigation system and 19-inch alloy wheels.

This car is standing in the middle between sports and tourer with beautiful appearance and comfortable way to travel.

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