Paris motorshows 2014 car models new cars not shown so far new High Tech sistems

Paris motorshows 2014 in website

Paris motorshows 2014 will be open to visitors from October 4 to October 19 from 10-20 hours each day. The exhibition halls are located in the southern part of the capital of France - Parc des Expositions. This motorshows is held every two years , the last was in 2012. Paris motorshows 2012 was a huge success and was attended by a record number of 1,231,416 people . In fact, this is one of the oldest motorshows in the world, the first being back in 1898 and his creator Albert de Dion. Since motorshows in France , it is only logical to present the French car brands - Renault, Peugeot , Citroen and others. In addition they are looking forward to show the latest models of BMW, Mercedes and Audi . It is still too early to specify what are the basic parameters of the exhibition and in particular for the participants , but one thing is clear that the interest is very high because Paris motorshows 2014 is one of the most visited and most famous in the world.

The most interesting part of Paris motorshows 2014

As more time is coming to the launch of this spectacular event, the more often you write about Paris motorshows 2014. In recent years, widely penetrated SUV models with its off-road performance than their growth in global production mark sports cars. Models such as Ferrari California, Bentley Continental and the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante will be on display during the days of Paris motorshows 2014 . Such spectacular world events are an ideal tool for business promotion car .

Finally we can say for hybrid cars and electric cars like Tesla example. This is the future of this industry. Only the high price and the low mileage stops increasing sales worldwide. The future will show where it will continue to refine the automotive industry.

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