Second generation electric car Nissan Leaf

Recent tests of Japanese cars Nissan Leaf are pretty impressive. To be more precise Nissan Leaf wins in nearly all its competitors from Ford Kuga. Electric drives are not new in recent years and the car market comply with it.

Obviously the advantage of hybrid cars over other petrol and diesel cars. Let's take the example of Nissan Leaf, which consumes 15 kW / h, which is equivalent to 1.76 l/100 km. In other words, almost three times cheaper and the average mileage is now 200 km for a full charge of accumulators. Nissan Leaf is undoubtedly the best-selling electric car so far.

In Europe, the corrupt partition is not very large, but in the U.S. many are looking for Japanese cars.Bookmark and Share

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Equipment and technical characteristics of Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf has sold over 60 000 units and 2014 will come second generation elektomobili urban conditions.

The interior can pay attention to the luggage compartment , which is 355 liters . Suspension is harmonious and has a good balance in the electric drive and the steering is quite precise with good grip .

Nissan Leaf accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 11.5 seconds , which is quite an achievement and is due to the lightweight construction of the whole car. Extremely easy control was observed in Nissan Leaf, which is evident in the equipment of the dashboard.

Economical and easy to operate Nissan Leaf

Inside, most of the coatings are cheap plastics that have a lot to keep from scratching, but overall build quality of the Nissan Leaf is without compromise.

The price is very reasonable for this type of electric vehicles compared to European brands, Ford Kuga and VW Golf. Other important indicators that Nissan Leaf is ahead of its competitors are: Maximum torque - 254 Hm, front-wheel drive, length - 4445 mm, width - 1770 mm and height 1550 mm.

Very economical car with no emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere. The average mileage is 199 km, the type of battery is a lithium-ion with capacity of 24 kWh. The curb weight is 1505 kg and a payload of 440 kg.

The maximum speed reaches 144 km / h Second Generation Nissan Leaf is now freely available in the U.S. and Europe and the buyers' interest is huge.

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