Porsche Cayman - a classic in the genre

In the opinion of specialists Porsche Cayman presents all the virtues of the car brand Porsche. Relatively lightweight and compact, powerful enough to deforsirat engine 911.

Engine is 3.4-liter, 6-cylinder developing 325 horsepower and torque of 370 Hm. Porsche Cayman accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 4.6 seconds, using the Launch control function ie Racing start to unleash their power and show competitors from BMW M235i, which was number one in the industry. The engine reacts directly pressing the gas pedal by the driver.

At low revs sounds muted and restrained, then ramping loudly and the race begins. Seven-speed PDK transmission reacts extremely quickly and smoothly, and for those of you who want to stick at the start of the back seat down button Sport Plus - departure is guaranteed! Bookmark and Share

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Porsche Cayman - uncompromising vision and comfort

Steering responds amazingly just any shake the wheel and bends no presentation of the car, because the grip is ideal.

The truth is that the motor is secured behind the car and weighs evenly on both rear wheel drive . Distribution between the axles is 44 to 56 . Porsche Cayman weighs 1429 kg with 20 -inch wheels and an inability to ride more than two people .

Maximum authorized by the manufacturer speed is 280 km / h, 188 g / km of CO2 per kilometer - quite a lot, but keep in mind that the car is sporty. Albeit with a lighter design than its competitors Porsche Cayman has a higher average fuel consumption 8.2 liters per 100 km.

Porsche Cayman S stable on the road

Length / width and height 4380/1980/1295 mm. At the base model except xenon headlights and audio system , all other extras must be paid .

For example, if you buy a Porsche Cayman and want automatic transmission will have to give a solid amount , the same goes for the adaptive suspension, automatic air conditioning, cruise control , heated front seats and more.

The shape of the Porsche Cayman Sport is impressive , the engine is as powerful as an elephant stable suspension and easy transmission worthy of the high price to be split if you want this car .

Uncompromising sportiness , personification and classics of the genre , mechanical differential lock for better traction , etc.

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