The new master class hatchback SEAT Leon SC 2014

SEAT Leon SC is a car of the next generation of the family hatchback SEAT. This is the car for you and your family with an athletic shape and quite emotional design. Unimpressive production of cars from premium quality materials, versatile interior with advanced features and compact size. The premiere of the SEAT Leon SC was this spring 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the spectators were delighted with this new third series modification. Bookmark and Share

The car has excellent functionality and is a real pleasure to drive. It is produced with 3 or 5 doors and the luggage compartment volume is preserved - 380 liters. Overall interior is quite rounded and ride comfort is guaranteed. And on the front and rear lights used very high-profile in recent years, LED technology. Typical for SEAT Leon are three modes when driving - Normal, Sport and ECO. This is the innovative approach of the company, according to which each of these modes is characterized by different cabin illumination varying hardness of the wheel, engine speed, etc..

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SEAT Leon high tech car

A thought on every detail of the interior of the leather steering wheel and chrome handles to ergonomic electric seats and rounded shapes of the dashboard. High technologies are here, starting with the navigation system and Bluetooth ®, OS EASYCONNECT - Owned development and placement in the middle of the dashboard interactive screen. Some experts in the field define SEAT Leon SC car with clean energy future. This is due mostly popular in recent years Start / Stop system, which is very efficient in urban driving conditions. For example you can give engine 1.6 TDI CR 105 hp release harmful CO2 emissions 99 g / km., which compared with other car brands such as KIA SOUL and NISSAN MICRA is a real achievement. The seats are adjusted depending on the properties of the body of the driver and passengers. A thought for safety as airbags are in the form of foam and fully removed plastic in the entire mechanism of unlocking. The transmission is a 5 or 6 speed depending on engine power. Electronics ESP system brings added security SEAT Leon in turns, slowly blocking differential and sends signals to brake the front wheels. The latest innovation model is the recently introduced system of drowsiness. It analyzes the driving style of the driver, driving its precise cornering, the concentration and several indicators of his body. If something is wrong, drowsiness warning system with audible signal that the person needs a break. If after 15 minutes it was not done, the system alerts again. Another novelty is the system Beam Assist. When the speed of the car go 60 km / h at night driving "Beam Assist" decide whether to drive on high beam or short, so as not to interfere with oncoming traffic. The basic model of the SEAT Leon has a navigation system Heading Control. It warns the driver of safe passage into the next lane. It makes small adjustments to the mechanical rotation of the wheel. It seems that the new car SEAT Leon SEAT the Spanish company will be one of the best sellers in Europe in 2014, and why not in the U.S.. The car is competitive with their colleagues from the class as a Honda Accord , because of its low cost compared to extras on offer.

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