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Showrooms for cars or so-called Motor Show are annual events that show the latest achievements of cars and can be seen live from fans of the brand new cars.

Very often, in order to attract greater attendance at these exhibitions resorting to various awards for visitors, including gift brand new car.

This aims to justify the high entrance fees to visit. Depending on which city and country is carried Motor Show, the car manufacturers are different.

But always there are models of German motor giant BMW, Audi and Mercedes in Europe and the Japanese Mazda and Mitsubishi.

There is an interesting dendentsiya over the past few years to provide hybrid car models.

The best motor showrooms of the future


These are vehicles which are simultaneous electric and internal combustion engine. More expensive, but are more economical than other cars. The problem with electric cars is their range, now is not very big, but work on the matter.

I have personally visited most Showrooms of the future and I am very pleased with the experience.

Often, expensive cars around there pretty girls that attract the attention of men.

It's a big advertising, which won both the organizers of Showrooms of the future, and car manufacturers.

For us users remains to dream that you will ever drive such expensive cars when they are brand new, and not wait for 10 years to buy them second hand. As they say, congratulations to the lucky ones, while others try again in another life.

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