Skoda Rapid Spaceback design decisions

Skoda expands its activities and in particular the model range with new compact car Skoda Rapid Spaceback. It is a combination of Skoda Fabia and Skoda Octavia and of course good looking design with a hatchback shape.

The exterior is clean and well designed for the younger generation inhabitants of Europe. Here are the latest fashion trends covered both spatially and in terms of passenger safety. Skoda Rapid Spaceback is a competitive with relatively low fuel consumption and low base price.

For the first time the car was presented at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the first cars will come from the factory as early as in October 2013. Bookmark and Share

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Skoda Rapid Spaceback a sense of comfort

The new sports car design, fresh and dynamic look is proof enough of the good qualities of Skoda Rapid Spaceback.

The wheelbase is 2,602 mm, and the ceiling of the cabin's glass to allow passengers to have a panoramic view of the sky. Windows are darkened by a sense of comfort is like traveling in an airplane.

Between the roof and the rear window has a transverse black spoiler that emphasizes the dynamic look of the car.

The interior of the Skoda Rapid Spaceback is very fresh and contemporary.

The car has three radial belts, comfortable seats, folding rear are to increase the rear luggage compartment.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback additional security systems

The total capacity is 1380 liters, and the boot is only 415 liters. Safety is a very high level - front and side airbags, ABS and ESC systems, additional xenon headlights, fog lights and the system 'hill-hold control'.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback is available in six engine versions - four petrol and two diesel.

The cost of the car in optimal mode of operation is very low, only 3.8 liters per 100 km and CO2 emissions are 99 g / km.

Statistics show that every 6 months, Skoda  company  entered the market with a new model. This is a good reference for the company and its competitiveness. For 118 years Skoda has gone through many transformations, as with every year, and sales are increasing, despite the global financial crisis.Skoda Rapid Spaceback is the latest segment of the richest collection of cars, but only the future will tell whether it will be successful this innovative car in Europe and America.

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