Amazing technical characteristics of Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester latest development is typical of easy to drive and comfortable to ride SUV. Car fourth-generation, fully renovated with very good motor performance and performance that meets the current requirements for safety and environmental protection. Subaru Forester has a unique system Symmetrical All Wheel Drive with a low center of gravity, in which a balance in sharp turns and thus relieves stress-free driving.

In 1997, when the first model came out of this class Subaru SUV had gathered applause of audiences worldwide. The car is very suitable for driving on rough and bumpy road, because it has high maneuverability. Can also be added that there are a lot of entertainment for passengers when it comes to long during travel.

Large distances tired driver of the vehicle, and the passenger is a true luxury ride in this SUV. The external design has high performance and aerodynamics. The front bumper is extremely strong at impact, it is rounded to allow the car to look like a sports car. Bookmark and Share

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Subaru Forester easy to drive on rough roads

At first glance Subaru Forester resembles Volvo XC 90 and Opel Mokka, especially in the front bumper and the round headlights and the rear of the Range Rover Sport, but of course that's only if you know very well the new cars of the future. Doors, fenders and eyebrows are designed for easy driving off roads. Subaru Forester interior is elegant, with very bold decisions to build the dashboard soft and spacious seats sporty - typical SUV. The cabin is well sized and has achieved a redistribution of seats in comparison with previous models, so visibility for passengers while driving is very good. Multifunction display inform the driver of the efficiency of the engine while running, while stopping on a hill opposite slope of the road triggering system for maintaining the position of the car. In this way the driver can safely remove your foot from the brake pedal without the car to leave. The engine of the Subaru Forester is a highly effective type Boxer Lineartronic with very good fuel efficiency. By injecting the fuel directly into the cylinders is increased power and better combustion of gasoline. This reduces cost, and reduces the release of CO2 in the atmosphere. Chassis of the Subaru Forester is set for bumpy roads, and the suspension is reinforced and solid, which achieves smooth variation of the body of the car when changing lanes or turning sharply. It is sufficient to press the "X-MODE" and the problem is solved. Subaru Forester has two modes of operation depending on the wishes of the driver. This is the so-called intelligent mode and sport mode. The car has a second version of the system "EyeSight" ie, helping the driver for better monitoring and better safety for passengers. Material from which made the cockpit are lightweight and higher strength than previous models. Subaru Forester is a crash test and the results are quite good. Base model has 17-inch wheels and six-speed manual transmission. As additional equipment can be added 2.5i and 2.0XT Touring models, integrated Adaptive Cruise Control, warning system Lane Departure Warning.

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